Wholesale Price China Cryolipolysis Freezing BLS 201B Export to Greenland

Wholesale Price China
 Cryolipolysis Freezing BLS 201B Export to Greenland

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With our leading technology as well as our spirit of innovation,mutual cooperation, benefits and development, we will build a prosperous future together with your esteemed company for Wholesale Price China Cryolipolysis Freezing BLS 201B Export to Greenland, We are always looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world.

1. Slimming and fat dissolving
2. Tighten skin,anti-aging
3. Improve blood circulation and metabolism
4. Smooth scar and wrinkles
5. Smooth striae gravidarum
6. Add skin moisture
7. Enhance fibroblast elastic tiss
8.Cool-suclpting liposuction
9.Fat freeze fat reducing

One for body
one for leg&armrest
Display:8.0 inch touch display
Voltage:110V or 220V
Cooling device output temperature:+5 to -10degree
Vacuum pressure:0-1000Kpa
Cooling system:Wind+water+semiconductor
Pakcge size:65*55*42cm
Free part:funnel,Antifreeze membrane

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  • FAQ Content

  • Hello, I’m here to tell you about an equipment called Scarlet.
    The minute you hear the word Scarlet, you may think of Scarlet O’hara.
    You may also picture Scarlet Yohanson. In either case, it is a name that * the image of eternal youth, and I think the equipment has been given a very appropriate name.
    Scarlet is now being sold all over the world- in California, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, Czech Repulic, Germany, Netherlands, as well as Argentina.
    I would like to first tell you about the equipments I use at my clinic.
    First of all, I’m using Solta’s 1550 Fraxel Xena, 10600 ultrapulse Fraxel Repair, 1927 Fraxel Restore, and Dual. I had used Fraxel Xena for treatment of rolling-type acne scars and large pores, wrinkles, and lifting; however, ever since I began using Scarlet, I am using it less and less for the treatment of pores and wrinkles.

    Additionally, I use the CO2 fractional laser called Smart Xid which allows me to control the beam size and shape easily, and 2960nm Erbium fractional laser.
    Recently, I am using radiofrequency equipments such as Intracel and Scarlet, which I am about to tell you today, and a fractional RF equipment named Legato manufactured by Alma.
    Lasers with visible light spectrum are used to treat pigmented or rosaceous lesions caused by melanin or hemoglobin.
    The equipments for collagen rejuvenation that we will be talking about today are fractional lasers of infrared spectrum.
    Hundreds of fractional lasers have been developed with the purpose of treating hypotrophic scars and wrinkles by collagen regeneration.
    RF generates heat by stimulating ion *. How much heat gets generated depends on the impedence of the tissue through which the current is flowing.
    Refirm has been widely used traditionally, but it often produced results that only lasted for a very short period of time.
    In contrast, the new RF equipments that directly heat the dermis give long-lasting results.
    The clinical results are often better than what’s shown in the graphs.
    When the radiofrequency wave of Scarlet is delivered to the tissue, you can observe the development of edema. This allows us to know that adequate thermal damage has been given. **

    Scarlet RF heats up the dermis to 55-60 degrees, which is the optimal temperature for inducing collagen regeneration.
    Also, Scarlet is unique in that it can create coagulation columns of any depth up to 3.5mm on the skin.
    During animal studies, radiofrequency was delivered at levels 6 through 8 of 200-400ms pulse duration, and collagen regeneration was at maximum at 2 to 3 weeks post-treatment.
    1550nm Fraxel Xena by Solta has shown several great cases, but there is a definite limit in the depth of treatment zone even with the highest energy. Also, in reality, it is difficult to treat with the highest energy on patients.
    Although there exist many equipments for collagen regeneration such as Fraxel, Intracel, E-Matrix by Syneron, Thermage by Solta, Ulthera, and E-Prime, they cannot create coagulation columns of any depths as in Scarlet. To oversimplify, Solta’s ultrapulse CO2 fractional laser Fraxel Repair and Lumenis’ Encore may be the only ones that can create such columns. Considering the high cost of the lasers and the uncomfortable long down-time of these lasers, it is amazing how Scarlet delivers similar results.
    For the past two years, a HIFU-equipment Ulthera has become a very popular lifting tool, and what was once thought the * of such equipment, Thermage by Solta, is significantly declining in usage. Ulthera is used at 3.0mm and 4.5mm targeting the SMAS layer, and we are seeing a high level of satisfaction among our patients compared with Thermage. However, it is difficult to improve wrinkles and pores with Ulthera. At my clinic, I combine Ulthera and Scarlet in many cases. Putting aside those lasers for whitening purposes, the combination of Ulthera and Scarlet seems to be ideal in achieving the desired results through collagen regeneration.
    We do have E-Prime by Syneron at a few clinics in Korea, but it has critical downsides. It is so painful that it requires a tumescent injection during procedure, and has long down-time after the procedure.
    I have both Scarlet and Intracel: I use Scarlet mainly for pores, wrinkles, and tightening, and Intracel, I use for acne scars.
    Another advantage of Scarlet is that you can even use it freely around the eyes. With other equipments, the thin skin and rich vessels around the eyes cause bruises after the needling.
    With Scarlet, the needles are inserted at the desired depth, and after 100ms of off-time, it exerts 200ms of on-time, another 100ms of off-time, then the needles come out of the skin.
    Because Scarlet affects the whole dermis, it reduces pores and improves skin texture at the epidermis. In the deep dermis, it improves the signs of aging by regenerating collagen.

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