IPL or Diode Laser?

IPL or diode laser?

Due to poor performance results through many simple IPL / SHR devices, consumers are looking for diode lasers, hoping for better results.
Almost every diode laser is better than SHR. However, a good IPL device can be significantly better than a simple or average diode laser.

IPL devices are generally more versatile, especially when using general skin treatments.

All IPL lamps and all laser diodes are subject to wear and tear, depending on the usage and the energy consumed.
However, laser diodes are many times more durable than all IPL lamps, but are correspondingly more expensive.

IPL with a long history on hair removal filed,and the filters can change the IPL wavelength to reach the results. (different filter with different function)It have hair removal,skin rejuvenation,spot removal,pigmentation removal and acne removal.

Diode laser is an new hair removal technology, and can reach permanent hair removal effect. And speed of remove hair is very fast.
But the diode laser only for hair removal.

Post time: Mar-25-2017
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