New Fashion Design for Cavitation+Radio Frequency BLS 880 to Victoria Factory

New Fashion Design for
 Cavitation+Radio Frequency BLS 880 to Victoria Factory

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Our development depends on the advanced equipment, excellent talents and continuously strengthened technology forces. New Fashion Design for Cavitation+Radio Frequency BLS 880 to Victoria Factory, Create Values,Serving Customer!" is the aim we pursue. We sincerely hope that all customers will establish long term and mutually beneficial cooperation with us.If you wish to get more details about our company, Please contact with us now.

Professional Cavitation+RF:
 Cavitation Treatment Principle
Utilizing focused wave transmitter to project the frequency which reaches 40KHz of intense sound wave, causes violent vibration within fatty cell, and resulted in producing the innumerable vacuum air pocket inside and outside the fatty cell; the fat cell is bombarded with strong force and caused its membrane the introversion demolition. The Triglyceride decomposes into glycerine and free fatty acid, utilizing 10MHz frequency wave to cause the decomposition of the glycerine and the free fatty acids discharges outside the body through hepatoenteral circulation. Finally, uses the ultra frequency energy localization to explode the fat to tighten, thus achieved the weight lost and the lush body beautification effects.

Radio Frequency Treatment Principle
RF beauty equipment is the high-tech beauty equipment, great safety and no wound.
The collagen is the main structure of skin. However, the collagen and elastin will reduce and lack because of sun oxidation and air pollution as the time flies ,Assustainment of skin, flexibility fibre and collagen fibre would gradually lose elasticity and tensility.Sagging skin,or other visible signs of aging will appear.
The RF equipment has the cooling system of surface layer, and uses proprietary technology to deliver radiofrequency energy to the deep layers of the skin and its underlying tissue. The heat will accelerate the blood circle, lets the fibre structure shrink instantaneously, and stimulates the renewal of collagen. In response, the collagen shrinks and remodels over time, providing you with tighter skin, renewed facial contours.

1.Intensive physical lipolysis to remove surplus fat
2.Burn surplus fat, Lymphatic Treatment, skin tightening,improve skin elasticity
3.Improve orange peel organization, body shaping
1.rf Skin lifting
2.Improve conditions of sagging skin
3.Forehead wrinkle removal
4.Breast lifting
5.Shape body contour
6.Hand care, effective on removal whelk and scars

2Probe for CAV
Deep Probe:25KHz
Middle Probe:40KHz
Active Surface:18.6cm2
Operate timer:1-20min

Radio Frequency
1Probe for RF with 3model size,Bipolar+Tripolar
RF Energy:50J
Pulse type:continuous/pulse
Certifications:CE LVD,CE EMC
Pakcge size:81*27*35+61*51*24+53*6*52cm

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  • Intensif RF Micro Needling Treatment performed by Dr. Jason Emer M.D. to treat Acne Scarring on the face. Contact us to find out what we can do for you: or

    Traditionally in the past lasers have been the primary form of rejuvenating the skin along with deep chemical peels on the face. Newer technologies with microneedling and microneedling with radio frequency can give improvements in the skin in terms of pores, scars, complexion and skin tone, and even skin tightening more than we’ve ever seen before with less risk.

    Here we’re using an acne treatment called intensif fractional micro needling, which are micro needles that have energy delivered with radiofrequency to deep parts of the skin, bypassing the epidermis so there is not skin surface burn, we are just heating the under surface of the skin to stimulate collagen production long-term.

    We’re doing this intensif treatment in a pattern across the skin, each of the micro needles, goes into the skin with a pulse delivering rf or radio frequency energy at certain depths of the skin, for deep scars you can go deeper, and for fine lines you can go more superficial, but overall you are delivering an energy to the skin that is color blind and can be used to treat african american skin (dark skin treatment), asian skin (medium skin treatment), or light skin treatment.

    You can get improvements in multiple areas of concern such as large pores, skin discoloration, skin texture and skin tone, as well as wrinkles and skin tightening.

    These treatments have very little downtime when used with low energy, or can have more downtime when using higher energy for intensif before and after. So they fit well with any person’s lifestyle and especially those interested in micro needle treatment.

    Again, you can use this on any skin type, so if you have darker skin, sensitive skin, or hyperpigmentation, radio frequency treatments are much more safe for you. These newer technologies using micro needles allows very precise delivery of energy into the skin, giving minimal downtime with just a little bit of redness and swelling, and some crusting over a few days that can be treated with excellent skin care.

    Long term, we see significant improvements with a series of treatments that are separated 3 to 6 weeks apart.

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