BLS778 Non Contact Dissove Distance Fat

BLS778 Non Contact Dissove Distance Fat

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What is Belleza-Van?

Belleza-Van is an excellent non-surgical option for patients with stubborn fat pockets that accumulate around the midsection – the area commonly referred to as a muffin top, bulging waistline or love handles. One of the key benefits of the device is its large spot size, allowing us to produce improvements over entire body areas in one treatment session.


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Belleza-Van Body Sculpting Beauty Device can:
Remove Fat Around the Abdomen
Induce Death of Fat Cells
Smooth Contours Around the Midsection
Boost Self-Confidence


How It Works

Belleza-Van is FDA cleared for non-surgical circumferential reduction of the abdomen. The treatment targets what is commonly referred to in yoga or pilates as the “core.” The device creates a high-frequency energy field that precisely targets the thermal effects into the fat layer while protecting surrounding skin tissue thus destroying unwanted fat cells.
Creates a High-Frequency Energy Field
Delivers More Concentrated Power to the Tissue
Prevents Sensitive Hotspots

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