BLS1058 Liposonix Body Slimming Beauty Machine

BLS1058 Liposonix Body Slimming Beauty Machine

Short Description:

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound penetrates focused and volumetric ultrasonic energy at precise depth (13mm, 8mm) in subcutaneous fat layers targeting fat tissue causing a non-thermal effect. The surrounding structures such as the epidermis, blood vessels and nerves will not be damaged. Meanwhile the metabolized contents (triglyceride, fatty acid) of cells will excrete outside body automatically through blood circulation and lymphatic drainage without harm to the human body. Non-surgical treatment, one treatment will loss about 3-8cm.

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1 course of treatment. 1 hour. 1 reduction in size
according to individual demand for the different body build sculpture perfect curve
a, safe, non-invasive and non-surgical weight-loss techniques
b, using high intensity focused ultrasound to remove stubborn fat a new revolution
c, appropriate size and stature close to the ideal, but you can not make diet and exercise to maintain the ideal physique



Treatment area can picks about 2.5cm of adipose tissue can be treated.

currently the treatment site can be used for female abdomen, thigh or buttocks, performing about an hour after a single treatment, cellular debris and excessive fat by the lymphatic transport system to the liver is absorbed, about 8-12 weeks to the desired therapeutic effect.


HIFU Liposonix Slimming Machine Technical Parameter
Part No.: BLS1058
Description HIFU liposonix machine
Voltage 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Power 200W
Energy power 30~75J/cm2 (adjustable)
Energy level 5 continuously (adjustable)
Frequency 4MHz
Cartridge 0.8cm, 1.3cm
Cartridge shots 525 shots
Single output focus points quantity 576
LCD Screen 10.4 inch TFT touch screen
Atmospheric pressure 86.0 KPa ~ 106.0KPa
Fuse size F 10 AL250V
Security classification Class I, Type B applied part
Protection Class IPX0
Working mode Continuous working

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