Best quality and factory Intense Pulse Light(IPL)+Radio Frequency(RF) BLS 820C to US Manufacturer

Best quality and factory
 Intense Pulse Light(IPL)+Radio Frequency(RF) BLS 820C to US Manufacturer

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owing to good service, a variety of high quality products, competitive prices and efficient delivery, we enjoy a good reputation among our customers. We are an energetic company with wide market for Best quality and factory Intense Pulse Light(IPL)+Radio Frequency(RF) BLS 820C to US Manufacturer, Our aim is to help customers realize their goals. We are making great efforts to achieve this win-win situation and sincerely welcome you to join us

Portable IPL+RF
 Intense Pulse Light Treatment Principle
Intense pulsed light hair removal is a new and advanced, long-term hair removal method. A client sits or lies in a comfortable position, and then a technician glides a wand-like tool, or handpiece, over his or her skin. The handpiece emits a beam of specially filtered light, which is absorbed by the hair and converted to heat. This heat disintegrates the hair and disables the hair follicle.

Radio Frequency Treatment Principle
RF beauty equipment is the high-tech beauty equipment, great safety and no wound.
The collagen is the main structure of skin. However, the collagen and elastin will reduce and lack because of sun oxidation and air pollution as the time flies ,Assustainment of skin, flexibility fibre and collagen fibre would gradually lose elasticity and tensility.Sagging skin,or other visible signs of aging will appear.
The RF equipment has the cooling system of surface layer, and uses proprietary technology to deliver radiofrequency energy to the deep layers of the skin and its underlying tissue. The heat will accelerate the blood circle, lets the fibre structure shrink instantaneously, and stimulates the renewal of collagen. In response, the collagen shrinks and remodels over time, providing you with tighter skin, renewed facial contours.

*Hair removal(Include Dark skin)
*Skin rejuvenation
*Red face, red nose, couperosis, spider veins.
*Age spots, sun spots, pigmentation troubles
*Skin lifting
*Improve conditions of sagging skin
*Forehead wrinkle removal
*Breast lifting
*Shape body contour
*Hand care, effective on removal whelk and scars

*Treatment Probe:3pc
No. 1 with 6filter( 15*50mm)
430-1200nm for Acne
480-1200nm for age spots, sun spots, pigmentation troubles
560-1200nm for Skin rejuvenation
590-1200nm for red face, red nose, couperosis, spider veins.
640-1200nm for hair removal
750-1200nm for hair removal on dark skin(optional)
No.2 big size RF probe for body treatment
No.3 small size Rf probe for face treatment
*Lamp longevity:60000shots
*RF Frequency:10M Hz
*RF output model: pulse & continue
*RF category:bipolar
*RF Energy 15-50J
*IPL Energy:15-50J
*Pulse Number:1-15 adjust
*Pulse Width:1.0-10.0 adjust
*Pulse delay:1-50 adjust
*Pulse type:single/double/triple
*Shot period:1-4second adjust
*Display:8.4 inch touch display
*Cooling system:Wind+water+semiconductor
*Certifications:CE Medical,ROHS
*Pakcge size: 66*50*52+62*49*43cm
*Free part:laser glasses,funnel,goggles

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