5 Years Factory Radio Frequency BLS 817 for Czech Factories

5 Years Factory
 Radio Frequency BLS 817 for Czech Factories

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Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously developing economic and social needs for 5 Years Factory Radio Frequency BLS 817 for Czech Factories, For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. All inquiries from you will be highly appreciated.

Master Rf Skin Treatment Device
Radio Frequency Treatment Principle
RF beauty equipment is the high-tech beauty equipment, great safety and no wound.
The collagen is the main structure of skin. However, the collagen and elastin will reduce and lack because of sun oxidation and air pollution as the time flies ,Assustainment of skin, flexibility fibre and collagen fibre would gradually lose elasticity and tensility.Sagging skin,or other visible signs of aging will appear.
The RF equipment has the cooling system of surface layer, and uses proprietary technology to deliver radiofrequency energy to the deep layers of the skin and its underlying tissue. The heat will accelerate the blood circle, lets the fibre structure shrink instantaneously, and stimulates the renewal of collagen. In response, the collagen shrinks and remodels over time, providing you with tighter skin, renewed facial contours.

*10MHZ RF energy could be reached the deep layers of skin.
*Speical proble design is easy for operate.
*it could be applied to anyone’s sagging skin and aging skin.
*surface layer cooling makes the RF energy and its released speed could be controlled so as to make safety during the treatment.

*Skin lifting
*Improve conditions of sagging skin
*Forehead wrinkle removal
*Breast lifting
*Shape body contour
*Hand care, effective on removal whelk and scars

*2handle with 2 size head,Bipolar
*Pulse type:continuous/pulse
*Display:8.4inch touch display
*Certifications:CE LVD,CE EMC
*Pakcge size:91*26*36+60*51*34cm
NW: 30KG
GW: 35KG

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  • FAQ Content

  • Whether your diode laser is good enough with strong power ? test its total energy will know !

    the most important thing is the hand piece with the energy . Diode laser energy density means the average energy on the spot size , for example , our spot size 12mm*20mm=2.4cm² , total energy output is 48J~168J , so the energy density is 20J~70J/ cm² adjustable . If a diode wrote 110j/cm2;120j/cm2 also means their energy density , but energy density higher always means their spot size will smaller . By calculate the spot size area and energy density will know the handle’s real power . A 10mm*10mm spot size with 120j/cm2 density diode machine , actually its total max energy only 120j . Europe standard Skin endurance not over 40J/cm2 ,italy can’t use over 40J/cm2  , what you use on treatment best setting always 30~40J/cm² , but with time goes by ,what you set 30J may not the real 30J anymore . higher total energy use to pro long the using lifetime by compensate the energy attenuation . Much more higher cost needed to adopt higher total energy on a diode laser because the related laser bar , cooling ,system all need improve . Normally , laser bars more , the power higher will output more energy , but Some inferior machine use 12 or 15 laser bars still can’t reach the effective power and energy ,we use 10 german laser bars total 600W , the energy could be test and shown as video above.

    As to those 4bars ,5bars ,6bars , energy too weak can’t long times output effective energy for treatment . But use lasers bars micro-channel still better than those non-channel , because non-channel no laser bars inside hand piece , if you see from the head tip , that’s just a glass , the laser come from fiber optic power inside machine ,power and energy will be very weak max to 500W. Clinical test treatment results not good . Another kind of fiber optic non-channel imitate the “alma laser” , which can change multi-wavelength 755 ; 808 ;1064 by change the head tip . Similar to IPL’s fliter change wavelength ,but actually its just change a fliter on glass tip . Can’t reach the real alexandrite 755,diode laser 808 or long pulse 1064’s results .That’s also why “alma laser” soprano sell higher price than their multi wavelength type .
    Best diode laser must be micro-channel with laser bars .
    Larger spot sizes mean less flashes for larger treatment areas such as backs. Less flashes
    means less costs (each flash costs you money) but equally importantly less flashes means
    less time on the job and more customers in a day .
    You charge the customer the same $500 for his back but with a larger spot size your cost
    for the treatment (the number of flashes) is lower and the time taken for the treatment is
    less. But be aware , some multi-size diode machine actually its power and total energy is sured . its ok with effective energy density when using small spot size , but when change to big spot size , the energy density will become too weak to give treatment results . Multi-size just raise the sales point .
    Hope you image the future work .
    Domestic or inferior laser handle with energy about max 120~140j . would only shot not over 2 million then energy too poor to effective work due to energy attenuation . 
    So you choose those kind machine will need replace hand piece soon .If its small size ,will shorter the time to replace new hand piece because your treatment will use shots more . its extra cost in the future .

    what’s more ,unaccurate energy will make user’s operation very difficult , lower without effective results ,higher under burn risk . We use auto-calibration system make sure what you set 30J for treatment always 30J with long time using .
    You can judge majority of the diode machine’s quality by the hand piece and energy .

    Interetsed in our diode ?
    contact now :
    simon@forimi.com ; whatsapp/viber:+86 18612851865

    This is the operation video of HIFU18.
    2 in 1 hifu machine
    Whatsapp: +86-13697426877

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