15 Years Factory wholesale BLS819B HIFU Vaginal Tightening Export to Finland

15 Years Factory wholesale
 BLS819B HIFU Vaginal Tightening Export to Finland

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We always think and practice corresponding to the change of circumstance, and grow up. We aim at the achievement of a richer mind and body and the living for 15 Years Factory wholesale BLS819B HIFU Vaginal Tightening Export to Finland, Contact with us today! We are ready for the market service now!


1. potent firming effect to improve sexual life
2. private lubrication of increasing secretion and eliminating dryness
3. improving private sensitivity by cell regeneration for reaction enhancement
4. comprehensive improvement of private health and reducing infection.




Display: 7.4 inch color touch screen

Technology: High Intesity Focused Ultrasound

Transducer: DLS3.0mm, DLS4.5mm

Spacing: 1.0 to 3.0mm (0.1mm/step)

Cartridge: 3.0mm and 4.5mm with 10000shots each

Output Power:: 0.1J(weak) to 1.5J(strog)(0.1J/step)

Package size: 42*53*100cm




1. 360°rotation emission:total care for vaginal.
2. Precise depth adjustment system.
3. Non-invasive,no downtime,no recovery time,can have sexy in 3 days after treatment.
4. It has heat effect on dermal collagen and collagenous fibers as well as thermal stimulus on fat layer and SMAS, whose treatment effect is more than the Fractional Co2 Laser.
4 It is easy and convenient for operation, and no consumable items are required, which greatly saves the treatment cost.
5. Tightening and shaping effect is obvious after treatment. It can be maintained at least 18 to 24 months after one treatment and realize negative growth of skin age once a year.
6. The normal life and work will not be influenced if you make up the moment
7. Easy and convenient: 20 minutes treatment can get instantly firmer, less treatment times, simple operation.
8. The equipment has two different working heads for best operational effect:
-1.5mm is for the epidermis layer;
-3.0mm is for the dermis layer
9. 3.0mm,4.5mm catridge with 10000 shots each.

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  • Δρ. Αχιλλέας Χαντές MD, Phd, Πλαστικός Χειρουργός
    Τσιμισκή 44, Θεσσαλονίκη, 2310250715

    Τι είναι η κρυολιπόλυση (αναίμακτη λιποαναρρόφηση) με το Coolshaping;
    (Μείωση τοπικού πάχους με 3 συνεδρίες ως και 35-40%)

    Η κρυολιπόλυση με το Coolshaping αποτελεί μια θεραπεία που γίνεται στο ιατρείο με ένα αμιγώς ιατρικό μηχάνημα νέας και ταυτόχρονα υψηλής τεχνολογίας. Αποσκοπεί στη μείωση του τοπικού συσσωρευμένου λίπους και δίνει εντυπωσιακά αποτελέσματα με μόνο 2- 3 συνεδρίες. Με τη χρήση ελεγχόμενου ψύχους, αναρρόφησης και laser led 635nm. Στοχεύει στη μείωση του υποδόριου λίπους σε δύσκολα σημεία του σώματος, τα οποία δε ανταποκρίνονται στις δίαιτες και τη γυμναστική.

    Επίσης μπορείτε να επισκεφτείτε την ιστοσελίδα μας www.plasticdoctor.gr για να ενημερωθείτε για όλες τις υπηρεσίες που μπορεί να προσφέρει η Πλαστική Χειρουργική

    Dr. Αχιλλέας Χαντές, MD, PhD
    Member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
    Μέλος της Ελληνικής Εταιρείας Επανορθωτικής και Αισθητικής Πλαστικής Χειρουργικής
    Διδάκτωρ της Ιατρικής Σχολής του Αριστοτελείου Πανεπιστημίου Θεσσαλονίκης

    Dr. Jason Emer — a facial rejuvenation and body contouring expert in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles, California — uses the latest and most innovative techniques for body sculpting, skin tightening, and cellulite improvement.

    In this video, ThermiRF is used on a female patient’s knee for tightening of the skin, reducing cellulite, and contouring the knee shape. ThermiRF uses radio frequency to heat the fat cells and tighten the tissues that help tighten and lift the skin. He uses a 4D approach to body shaping by combining multiple devices such as ultrasound (VASER) or laser (SmartLipo)-assisted liposuction along with hand and power-assisted (Power X or MicroAire) etching of the musculature. He also uses water-assisted (BodyJet) fat harvesting which gives him pure fat to transfer to muscles such as the chest, buttock, shoulders, and calves to give muscular size and definition. Fat is also used for cellulite improvement and facial contouring with a micro/nano injection technique. He combines his fat transfer with platelet rich plasma (PRP) — growth factors from the patient’s own blood — to get the most viable and sustainable fat cells. He is the only doctor in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, California, to perform this type of hi definition (“HI-Def”) procedure and travels all over the world lecturing on his innovative techniques and learning from other experts in hi definition body sculpting techniques.

    See why he chooses to use ThermiRF for the knee of a female patient who is looking for a more defined, sculpted, a tight look. The patient wants her knees to have no wrinkles or any extra fat. Dr. Jason Emer uses ThermiRF to give her an improved knee contour (Kninkles) and skin tightness. Some people call this “Kninkles” = Knee Wrinkles! And Dr. Jason Emer can improve this with a combination approach. There is very little downtime and minimal bruising. He uses ThermiRF in combination with Z Wave or Cellutone shockwave therapy, Vanquish and Venus Legacy external RF treatments and Sculptra (Poly-L-Lactic acid) collagen building injections and other non-invasive technologies for the best results.

    ThermiTight/ThermiRF can also contour the neck, jowls, and face with very little downtime or bruising.

    If you are considering treatments by Dr. Jason Emer please visit his website at www.jasonemermd.com or check out his other social media sites — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (@JasonEmerMD). Also see his fantastic reviews on Realself.com and/or yelp.com.

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